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Park Colonial is a residential developmental project located in the Woodleigh Lane, Singapore. It is an attractive residential project that is perfect for the individuals that are looking for a place that will connect them to the business district as well as other entertainment sports. It is the 16 storeys building that covers almost 210,404 sqft (19,547 sqm) of the site area and the gross area of the floor is 631,212 sqft. It has the ideal location that gives you the perfect access to the Woodleigh MRT station as well as to the other important locations in the city. There are many other development projects that are under construction near the Woodleigh MRT. It means that in the limited time the value of the property will increase and so the investors will be able to generate a decent amount of profit. However, living in the Park Colonial will be more beneficial because of the ideal location of the project and the location benefits that you can enjoy the area.

The developmental project is direct linked to the Woodleigh MRT. The location and construction of the project are perfect for the individuals that are planning to have a luxurious life. It is near the Central Business District, which means that all the business owners and employees will get a chance to stay near their office so that they will never get late for work. The best thing about the residential project is that it has 805 units. It means that there is enough space in the condos that several families can easily reside and adjust in it. The developmental company has done a great job on the infrastructure of the project to assure that each family with getting their proper privacy and access to amenities according to their requirements.

The full site plan of the residential project is remarkable and they have a range of unique facilities that are not easily available in most of the residential projects in the present age. Some of the common facilities that you can come across are

  1. Guardhouse
  2. Function room
  3. Tennis court
  4. Sundeck
  5. Children’s playground
  6. Clubhouse
  7. Indoor gym
  8. 50 m swimming pool
  9. BBQ pits

There is a complete range of facilities available that will provide your family a complete entertainment. There are enough facilities in the condo that if you do not have the time to go outside you can even enjoy inside. You can indulge in the amazing, tranquil and serene lifestyle of the Woodleigh. Located in the heart of the Woodleigh, the residential project will provide you a chance to have a dream home. It does not only have the perfect location but also the residents will be able to enjoy the unblocked view of the beautiful city as well as the access to the Woodleigh MRT station will make everything easily manageable.

Development Fact Sheet

Project Details
Project NamePark Colonial
Development TypeResidential
DeveloperCEL Unique Development Pte. Ltd. (Chip Eng Seng Corp, Heeton Holdings and KSH Holdings)
AddressWoodleigh Lane
Number of Units805 Residential units
TOP Date13 July 2022
Unit Type:Size:No. of Units:
1 Bedroom463 sqft153
1+Study506 sqft14
2 Bedroom Classic
570 – 635 sqft157
2 + Study667 sqft28
3 Bedroom Classic915 – 980 sqft146
3 Bedroom Deluxe1012 – 1066 sqft71
4 Bedroom Classic1184 – 1249 sqft30
4 Bedroom Deluxe1367 – 1410 sqft30
5 Bedroom
(with Private Lift)
1712 sqft29

About the Developer

Nearby Educational Institutions

The most important thing that has to be considered is the schools near the location. There are many families that are interested in shifting into the area because it is clear that they will get some of the unique facilities that are not available in the other location. However, they cannot move to the condo until they are sure that their kids can get the quality education. There are many high standard educational institutions in near the area. Some of the schools that you can consider are

  1. Cedar Primary School
  2. Maris Stella High School
  3. St Andrew Junior College
  4. Stamford American International School

Buying the condo in the area will provide you the chance to give your children quality education. You can select any of these educational institutes and assure that your children can be the part of one of the best instates in Singapore. You will notice that the growth of your children as an individual will improve. There are many curricular and extracurricular activities included in the syllabus of the children that will provide them the chance to become a better person. You will notice that with the passage of time the abilities of your children will develop.

The best thing about the schools is that they are dealing with the residential project. You will not have to worry about the major transportation cost because your children can easily go to the school through the MRT station. It is a safe and secure route that will allow your children to go to school without getting stuck in the traffic or deal with other serious issues that might be hard for you to manage otherwise. Your children will not get late for school and it will help to improve their overall performance in the school. It will help your children to understand that how they have to deal at the MRT station. It will help in growth and development of your children.

Nearby Shopping Centers & Entertainment Points

The most important thing that most of the families have to consider is the ability to be entertained. There are many families in Singapore that prefer to spend their weekends by going out as a family so that they can bond in the best possible way. That is why the Colonial developmental project will be the perfect residence for the families that prefer to go out. Here you will find some of the best locations where you can be entertained in the best possible manner. Once you are in the region you can take the MRT to reach some of the shopping malls. If you want to reach some of the major destinations in the state without getting lost you can take The Circle line through the Woodleigh MRT. It will take you to all of the important locations in the area where you can enjoy some quality time.

  1. The Venue Shoppes
  2. Nex Shopping Mall
  3. Farrer Road
  4. Botanic Gardens
  5. Harbour Front
  6. Buona Vista
  7. Marina Bay

You will notice that you will not have to waste your time on traveling because you will reach all your destinations in limited time. It will allow you to enjoy and have more fun while you are shopping or having your favorite meal at the restaurant. You will not have to worry about the market being closed once you reach there. With the help of the closely connected MRT and train facilities, it will feel like you can reach your destinations within seconds. It is the facility that would be loved by the individuals that prefer to go out once they are done with their work. They like to spend some quality time in the market because it helps them to relax. While living in the Colonial condo you will feel like you are living right next to the shopping malls that will make your life more active and interesting.

Benefits of Living

The residential project has the best location in Singapore. It seems like none of the other developmental projects had such a reliable location. if you will look around you will notice that the condo has the direct access to the MRT station. It means that you can reach your desired destination in limited time once you are on the train. There are several trains and each of them leaves after a few minutes, which means that there will be no extra wait for the train. After that, there is the facility of the Center Business District that is near the developmental project.

Park Colonial Condo

Even if you are planning to go on your own vehicle it will not take much time to reach the district because the chances of getting caught up with the traffic jam in this area are the lowest. You will be living across some of the best schools in the area that will give you the peace of mind that your kids will get a quality education. It means that Park Colonial is the idea of a residential project for most of the individual. It would not be wrong to say that it has the location where you can get all the benefits that you have always desired. All the important amenities like schools, MRT, hospitals and even the entertainment spots are near the residential project that makes it more attractive.

How the Development Fits Within the Government Masterplan

The project is located in the perfect location that is helping the government to complete the master plan. The first of this is that it is located near the area of Bidadari. The government is planning to develop an underway in this area. The Colonial condos are playing the perfect role to grab the attention of the residents towards the underway so that they can use the facilities to get the access to more amenities in their life.

Once the underway is developed the residents will get the access to other locations as well because the area of Bidadari has more greenery and other benefits that might not be available otherwise. Its location near the Woodleigh MRT is another benefit that you can have as the resident.

There are many individuals that are interested in buying a condo in the area. However, it is important that you first get the complete information related to the residential project. You can visit register page to book your VIP access of the showflats gallery.  Once you will get all the information it will become easier for you to select the condo where you would prefer to live. Our experts will give you all the details that will help you in the decision making and further processes.


Park Colonial

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